Why We Choose Lagun Sari

Why We Choose Lagun Sari

One of the reasons why we choose Lagun Sari is because it is a complete package. The important thing is that I’m very bochup that why I anything anything when the parents decided on this.

Everything is included in this package except for the Mak Andam and photography. I only need to find a Mak Andam (which I haven till now, urgh!) as I already got a photographer.

Met up with the wedding planner 2 weeks ago and signed the contract. Dad paid the 1st deposit (I’m not complaining). The parents already choose the menu. A few more months then we can start making the invites and also to go to the food tasting.

The wedding planner was very efficient. She even replied to my msg at 7am la! Anyway, we were given 8 hours for the space. The only complain about Lagun Sari is that the place is not that accessible and don’t let me start on the parking space. Apart from that I really can’t wait to have the reception there!